Red Hand of Doom

The Battle - Day 2

The First Battle

A group of five wonder through a dense forest; following a large set of giant tracks. The party was searching for a small group of hobgoblins that were stealing livestock from a farmer close by. The armored paladin of the group was charged with finding the livestock and returning them to the farmer.

The tracks wind upwards and come to a clearing in the forest. The clearing crested over a small hill and ended at a large looming rocky cliff that jutted into the sky. The party hid in the shadows and quickly spotted bloody carcasses in various stages of decomposition. There near the back of the clearing were a few hobgoblins carving parts of the dead, half eaten livestock. In the side of the cliff stood a large mouth like cave entrance.

As the party formulated a plan to ambush the hobgoblins, one of the enemies strolled into the cave carrying arm full’s of meat. A few moments later another goblinoid comes into view from the cave. This one was a beast, definitely the captain of this group. With a turn of the winds a few faint sounds of a sheep touch the party’s ears.

With the plan formulated the stalkers waited a few moments behind a group of trees. The goblinoids got together and the chieftain spoke his soldiers in harsh tones. Onji stalked through the trees to the rock face of the mountain and made his way towards the cave. With the monk in position he started yelling at the hobgoblins. He made his way forward in his loose fitting clothing and walking staff. He walked with the purpose of a crazy old farmer coming to scare off the few kids playing in his garden. The hobgoblins all snapped to attention once they caught sound of the man.

Onji picked up a few good sized stones while he cursed and stumbled. The Hobgoblins took a quick study of the man and pulled their weapons to dispatch this idiot of a human. Onji peered, taking aim and loosed a rock at the enemies. The rock missed by a good distance, the group almost seemed to smile at the fun that could be had at the expense of this foolish man’s life. The second rock hit the leading goblin square in the forehead. They didn’t appreciate that and they charged the monk.

The act was up; Onji set his feet and gripped the staff in both hands, ready for the onslaught. He makes his move, takes a few steps and unleashes his fury upon the nearest goblin. Spinning, punching, and kicking, the surprised beast narrowly avoids the attacks.

Onji’s companions studied the battle, waiting for the right moment to make their move.

Impatient and ready for blood, Oversoul, the dragonborn brute, charges calmly toward the two goblins holding back at the caves entrance. The other party members try whispering the dragonborn back, to wait, to no avail. The goblinoids take note of the new enemy and lick their lips for the challenge brought them. Little do they know the dragonborn feels the same way.

The cloaked human, Dez, seizes the opportunity to surprise the goblins staring down Oversoul. His spindly body spins around the tree and his arms crook as he focuses upon the two goblins. He releases a bolt of black eldritch force at the nearest goblinoid. The goblin notices the bolt at the last second and jolts with surprise, and avoids the warlock’s power. The two goblins at the cave entrance seem to notice they are being stalked and look around the clearing edge for more attackers.

The large goblin of the group nears the monk and unleashes a hobgoblin yell as he swings his axe with his might. The quick moving artist dodges the lumbering attack with ease.

The elf woman Solana, in bright shining chain armor, calmly steps from the trees and watches the two groups with interest. She makes her way in a brilliant position to help both parties should they need her. The short, heavily armored halfling, moves along with Solana, taking a commanding look at the battlefield and weighing defensive positions.

The smaller hobgoblin near Onji swings with his bloody meat soaked sword, again no problem for the monk, whirling he deflects the attack with his staff. Suddenly Onji leaps in the air to striking the goblin, staggering him back. A smile from Onji shows his playful attitude towards the fight.

The dragonborn makes his way toward the goblins readied near the cave entrance. He shouts as his swings target both goblins, and both find the blood of their enemies. Taking on both goblins … this is what Oversoul lives for.

The goblin strikes at oversoul with his spiked club, and hits with nice technique on the back of the brute. Grasping at his back with sword in his hand, he grimaces at the pain, and seems to have missed a step with the blow. That goblin in particular has gained his attention.

Moving through the bushes in the clearing towards Onji, Daz nears eyes his target from behind a bush. Whispering words that seem to echo in the wind, the smaller goblin looks at Daz with fear. A crackling ray of power launches from Daz’s fingertips at the fearful goblin. He questions his moves, and becomes a victim of the warlock’s blast. The ray punches a gash in the side of the goblinoid as he roars with pain. His eyes close as he takes a knee for a short moment to fight the pain. He gains his feet to ward the constant attacks from the monk.

The large hobgoblin peers at his failing counterpart beside the human monk, and has hate filled words for the goblinoid. The axe quickly makes a move on Onji and nicks the shoulder, ripping the shirt in the process. Not too bad says Onji. The chieftain slides near his partner and the two seem to move in sync, and the openings seem much harder to exploit from the monks perspective, these two aren’t going down too easy.

Solana raises her hands to the heavens and the light around a goblin shines and burns the hobgoblin. He tries to shoo away the burning light.

The goblin near Oversoul shakes off the pain and moves next to his goblin companion. The tandem again makes a tough pair. And the goblin misses wide with his attack.

The paladin decides Onji needs assistance with the Chieftain pressing in on him. Shale loosens his grip his small blade, bangs it against his large shiny shield, and churns his stubby legs into the fray. A shout a challenge upon the Captain to gain his attention away from Onji and give the monk a greater advantage to hit home with his strikes. Shale takes a flanking position on the smaller, bloodied goblin, hitting and daring the foe to come for the short halfling.

The blood soaked goblin turns to find the armored halfling ready for the punishment. The raging hobgoblin moves and hits with surprising power.

Onji smiles at the confusion caused by the shiny defender. He spins and lands kicks and punches, but none seem to cause enough damage.

Oversoul swings his swords quickly at both adjacent goblins. Gritting his teeth, the cuts find flesh and take a tole on both enemies. After a few final moves, the imposing dragonborn takes a big breath and rears his head back. A short moment of quizzing looks from the hobgoblins give way to a fire cone erupting from the beak of Oversoul. The aware goblins both dash away from the heat and avoid any major pain.

One goblin rolls to extinguish the few flaming bits of clothing and gains his feet in one fluid movement as he makes an attack at his fire breathing attacker. The fighter stumbles as he seems to have lost a step.

Daz turns his focus on the goblin punishing his warrior friend. He utters a curse under his breath. The words echo on the wind and penetrate the mind of his foe. The words corrode his defenses and the goblin feels compelled to hurt himself. He screams in pain and hits his head repeatedly with his palm, trying to drive the demons away. This attack isn’t exactly what the warlock had in mind, but as an added effect Oversoul sees an opportunity to make an extra shot in at the goblin. The hobgoblin regained his thoughts just in time to block the blows.

The elven cleric studies the moves of her friends. The battle seems to be in hand and she waits to assist until her talents are needed.

The other goblin near Oversoul attacks and hits the fighter, who grits his teeth against the pain. These two goblins are hammering the dragonborn.

Shale steps around the smaller of the goblins near Onji. The short sword scores a direct hit. The goblin falls dead at the short legs of the paladin.

The large goblin Chief is the last enemy between Onji and Shale. Onji takes a few shots at the goblin captain, jumps in the air and kicks with fury. The hit pushes the goblin back and staggers the enemy.

Oversoul feels the pain coursing his veins, and lashes out at his two enemies, the pain affecting his strikes. Both attacks miss their targets. Oversoul growls.

The goblin strikes back at the dragonborn, this time Oversoul blocks the attacks.

Daz stalks the goblin striking at the Oversoul, readying his magic he fires crackling black magic that arcs wide. Seeing the bolts trajectory, Daz squints as his hands turn and twist as if willing the bolt toward the goblinoid. The surprising power of the warlock shows turns the bolt in the air just enough to strike the Hobgoblin squarely the side.

The large hobgoblin takes his shots against the farmer dancing in front of him. The attack gouges deeply in his leg.

Solana examines the damage done to her friends. She calmly spins her magic and lets fly a healing blast at a nearby goblin. The hobgoblin shines and the nearby attacker, Oversoul, takes note. The enemy seems confused by the light covering his body.

The goblin opposite the glowing soldier attacks Oversoul, his attention on the other goblins glowing body. The attack is easily shrugged off.

The halfling steps near the large remaining foe and calls a challenge to the gods. From underneath the shadow of his shield he swings his small blade at the target. The cut goes unnoticed by the goblinoid twice Shale’s size, but the hit revitalizes the paladin.

As the fight continues with both sides not giving ground, a deep throated scream comes from inside the cave entrance. The hobgoblins seem to smirk, as the group seems eager to finish the battle.

The monk moves with fluidity and strikes at the Chieftain. The final punch of the combination hits solidly in the side of the beast and a cracking sound follows the blast. The Hobgoblin winces in pain at the constant pain from the blow.

From the cave entrance a large figure appears. A large lumbering giant, slow and powerful, fitted with a giant club, and rags covering his dirt and dried blood body. He watches the fight with unintelligent stares.

After the devastating combination Onji speaks to the giant in his native tongue. “Giant of the Cave, I am Onji, what may I ask is your name? We are here to find a stolen pack of livestock, do you know who stole them?”

The giant slowly responds, ” I be Skrawl, dose goats be good eatin.” as he remembers the meal he smiles and rubs his belly.

As the fight continues on, the group looks at Onji surprisingly speaking the giant tongue. The monk relays the message and answers to his friends. The goblins laugh and taunt their victory to the party.

Oversoul continues his rage and attacks his two goblin marks. The stronger of the two is hit in the shoulder. The goblinoids seems to all be close of losing the battle.

Onji continues his dialogue with the giant, “Where are your friends? Are the hobgoblins friends?”

Standing at the caves entrance with a finger in his nose the giant says, “Skrawl no friends, mean guys feed Skrawl to help army.”

Oversoul dodges an attack and rolls around the goblins to gain the advantage. Noticing his position one of the goblins moves away from the attacks of the fighter, the dragonborn spots an opening, but the goblin moves to quickly. The hobbling hobgoblin runs away from the battle to the fringes of the forest as oversoul yells “Coward!”

Speaking the language of the giants, Onji asks “Where are you from?”.

The giant responds, “dis Skrawl home.”

Seeing the giant is not focusing on him, Daz stalks around some bushes and eyes the huge creature. He looses a powerful attack that fires in multiple directions. One flies past the head of the giant, the other into the back of a hobgoblin near oversoul. The goblin grows frightened, his wounds piling up and the fleeing of his comrade. The giant roars at the missed attack and grows furious. Onji scolds Daz for the shot.

The Hobgoblin Captain yells a command, turns and runs into the forest from the distracted attackers. He laughs as he gains the edge of the forest.

“He is not against us Daz! What are you doing!” A scolding glance back from the Warlock, tells Onji all he needs to know.

Avoiding attacks, the paladin speaks, “Onji, make a deal with the giant to help us…” Before the sentence is finished the giant rushes at the warlock in the bushes. Daz peers at the giant charging toward him with unflinching bravado.

“If Skrawl will help us we will leave him to his feast and never come back to Skrawl’s cave” Onji fumbles with the awkward language.

The giant slows and stops in front of a crouching Daz who is ready for the giants attack. The wheels in the giants head seem to be turning. Skrawl ponders his options. The huge club sways as Daz watches it with intent interest.

“Our magician is scared by the strength of Skrawl.” Onji says coaxing the monster.

Daz swaying with the motion of the club, looks into the eyes of the monster who gazes into the heavens. As the giant thinks his gaze moves down to the warlock, small as a fly below his belly. As their eye’s lock the question seems to leave the giants small head and Skrawl’s instincts kick in. With surprising quickness the giant lashes and roars at the fly. The thoughts Daz had of being ready for the attack were a joke of the past as the club smashes into his side and throws him into the air and into a pile some feet away.

Onji yells at Daz for his inconsiderate actions. The battered warlock hatefully yells, “The giant is with the hobgoblins if you didn’t notice!”

Solana, frustrated with the fighting amongst the associates looks to Daz to see if he needs any assistance. The warlock seems only minorly hurt by the blow. She waits for when she is needed.

Oversoul takes a moment to look at the battle unfolding between Daz and the giant. The battered hobgoblin near takes his chance and runs into the forest, away from the battle.

Shale, watching the beaten hobgoblins flee the battlefield, joins the task of bringing down the large giant. He moves near the battered dragonborn to heal his wounds for the next phase of the battle. “Let’s get em Draco.”

Onji also makes his moves toward Skrawl.

Oversoul, cursing the cowardly hobgoblins, charges his fleeing enemy. Making a few last swings of his sword, the hobgoblin darts safely and over the edge. Out of the sight of the fighter. “DAMN COWARDS!”

Onji speaks his last words to the giant, “It is you and us. Call it even and we will leave you in peace.”

The reply is short “I will sleep on your bodies!”

Daz can contemplate the message from the giants tone and fires at his cursed target. The bolt rips into the giant and stagers the beast.

Skrawl’s head rings from the last attack, he picks up a nearby boulder with ease and heaves the rock at the warlock. Being overconfident Daz’s reflex isn’t fast enough and is hit squarely with the boulder.

Solana quickly comes to Daz’s peril and heals the battered human.

“Skrawl will use your bones as toothpicks!”

The halfling darts around his huge attacker, placing himself behind the huge brute. He issues a challenge of the gods, as he turns to face the paladin barely the height of his knees. The attack made by the Paladin does nothing the target.

Onji calls on his vitality and moves into a flanking position with Shale. The powerful blows mostly bounce off his thick flesh, but still make a measurable effect upon Skrawl.

Oversoul takes a last look into the forest to catch a fleeting glace at the cowards. Then turns to face the giant. He charges the giant and pours his frustration at the fleeing hobgoblins into the blow. The shot takes a huge gash out of the side of the giant and he screams out in pain.

Daz moves with a blur and fires another bolt at the enemy. The giant continues taking the punishment dealt him.

The giant surveys the mob of attackers surrounding him. He starts to doubt the fight. He makes a sweeping attack at the two attackers standing together, the fighter and paladin. The club connects solidly on both defenders and throws them in the air and to the ground. The giant seems to focus and become more enraged.

Solana moves towards the battered defenders and heals the dragonborn lying on the grass.

Shale rolls to his feet, clutching his side, and again moves near the giant. Hiding his face with his shield the paladin keeps the giants full attention.

Onji strikes at the giant, trying to find a weak point in the thick muscle, to no avail. The frustration is masked in his face.

Oversoul yells as he gains his feet and charges his target. The attack finds its mark. The giant seems to be wearing down at the constant barrage of attacks.

Skrawl swings his club at the defenders. Both are thrown again into the air and in a pile. Shale screams in pain as he hits the ground, holding his side, pain shooting with each breath.

Daz takes another shot at his cursed enemy. The shot doesn’t seem to affect the monster, but Daz concentrates on his talents, and seeks the burn. The effect shows upon the creatures face and Daz smirks at the attack.

The giant takes a lumbering step towards the two attackers lying on the grass. Both look up at the huge monster raising his club in the air. As the club seeks smash the paladin into submission, Shale moves with halfling speed to dodge the blow, but wasn’t fast enough as he club smashes his side. Shale rolls in pain, almost too much to bear.

The group needs Avandra’s help. Solana calls upon her goddess and the group is blessed with healing. All in the party are ready to continue.

Shale, no longer in so much pain, rolls to his feet. He calls out to Avandra himself, lowers his shield, and moves in between the giant and his cave. “Now you have to go through me you lumbering oaf” Speaking more to himself then the giant.

Onji moves into a flanking position, again the blows don’t find an opening. Onji speaks to the giant, “how would you like your family informed of your death!” and pours his fury at another attack. The kick forces the giant to hold his ribs to lessen the hurt.

Oversoul stands and moves in on the giant. His fast strikes seem to come from nowhere and strike with a flurry. A few of the shots take chunks of flesh out of the giant’s thigh. The target looks scared and pain filled.

Daz stalks in the distance, takes another shot. The giant’s eyes stare at the warlock, and he screams a death roar. He is not giving up!

The giant turns back to the paladin standing to the entrance of his home. The halfling is the smallest target, and the one that seems to piss Skrawl off. The giant swings his club but this time Shale is ready. The blow glances off the large shield.

A bolt of white light arcs from the holy elf’s symbol of strength. The giant lights up with a holy light. “Go for it guys!”

Shale strikes the towering foe, and seems a pesky fly as the short sword can’t find purchase in the boney lower legs of the giant.

Onji’s starts another combination and with the first few strikes find a tender spot. Skrawl yells and falls to a knee.

Onji spots an opening from the lowered giant. The quick scrappy human seems to glide up the back of the giants back and lands a kick upside the giant’s boney head. A slap sound is heard as Onji’s foot smashes into Skrawl’s temple dropping the giant faster than a tree. Skrawl the giant’s life is ended.



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