Red Hand of Doom

Shale Journal Entry Day 2 - 3

Drellin's Ferry in Need

The day was difficult for us. Our group started out this morning at Drellin’s Ferry to help out the farmer Vaulk. What we got into was a fight with a group of hobgoblins and a giant that almost was too much to handle. On our way back to Drellin’s, outside the town we discovered a war party of hobgoblins attacking the town. Trying to get inside we were attacked and survived by the skin of our teeth. We finally have gotten back to the town, and a much needed rest. This was a long day.

We approached the guard post. The closed gates were guarded by no less than four town guards. Onji approached first, he had gained their trust in the fight moments ago. “I am back, with my friends. We dispatched the hobgoblins. We would like some rest and nourishment.” The guards respond by saying the group must have been lucky to get past the hobgoblin raiding parties. “Luck has nothing to do with it” the large dragonborn Oversoul curses at the guards on duty. “Your best bet is the Green Apple or Old Bridge.” The lead guard rolls his eyes and opens the gates for the group. Thanks were given all around to the men. We went for the closer, The Old Bridge Inn.

At the Old Bridge Inn we walk in to see a good group of people. There is mostly standing room only in the large tavern. A group of halflings quickly move behind the counters serving the large crowd. Loud cheers came from a dark corner where a Three Dragon Ante game was being played. As we make our way to the bar we notice lots of talk about the invading hobgoblins. In the corner there seems to be a gathering of people listening and asking questions to a few others, maybe town officials. Onji speaks to a halfling behind the counter. He says he is Kellin the proprietor. He has many rooms available. We pay for the rooms and Onji speaks to Kellin about the group. Kellin says they are here to see what the town officials are going to do about the hobgoblins attacking the town. Onji mentions we just got through the gates fighting a mob of the beasts. Kellin knocks off half price of the rooms, and thanks us for killing some of the raiders.

We all settle into our rooms, and have a quick talk about our next day exploits. We start to speak about either helping Drilling’s Ferry or going onto the keep, as there is a knock at our door. A large man and a slender woman enter the room. We notice them from the group below, in the center of the gathering. The large man introduces himself as Norrow Wiston and the lady as Serana, Captain of the Guard. They have heard of our entry into Drilling’s and want our help.

The hobgoblins have attacked their town and have been killing townspeople, travelers, and outlanders. They have shut down all ways in and out of Drilling’s Ferry. Serana speaks quickly that these hobgoblins have attacked the town before, but her guard has always been sufficient to warding off the attacks. This group is much larger and better prepared. She is worried they will take the town in good time. They are in need of more experienced help.

Narrow continues that the Dawn Way is the lifeblood of Drilling’s Ferry. They need to secure that road as soon as possible to keep reinforcements and supplies coming for the defense to hold. Daz speaks from under his cloak, “Seems like you guys really need our help, and I do love treasure and love to help friends with treasure.” The large man seems to ignore the warlock, says they would do great service to the town if we could help. “We don’t work for free.” Daz continues. “Ok if you can drive them off, we will thankfully reward your exploits with 500gp.” Negotiating for the group Daz prods the man, “Treasure is much more interesting.” Norrow is discouraged by the warlock’s demands, “700gp each and we can give you some items to help start you off. Now we really need your help.”

I speak both at Daz and Narrow, “That is fine of you. Now what can we do to help.” Onji brings out the map we have come across and we all discuss the areas where we are needed. The officials seemed to have a lack of information. They didn’t know the direction the hobgoblins came or the estimated numbers of attackers or concentrations. Only that the tribe was an aggressive one from the Wormsmoke Mountains. Onji also wondered if giants were involved, they thought the question idiotic, why would giants and hobgoblins work together. They just wanted us to clear the Dawns Way and seemed to be annoyed with our questions. They were busy people and are needed elsewhere. Serena says we should speak with Jor, he knows the outlands better than anyone. He is at a cabin a ways out of town, but would be a very good source of information. His cabin was near the Blackwater Witch trail. Down the Dawn Way take a right 9 miles from forest edge or left at the first trail crossing 7 miles in.

The Captain and her charge leave the room and we all seem to lose all our energy. We needed food and sleep. We decided to eat a quiet dinner and drink a bit in one of our rooms, being the tavern was crowded and loud. The halfling innkeepers all happily served our dinner to our rooms. We ate in silence and all slept fully that night. Another full day awaits.



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