Red Hand of Doom

Shale Journal Entry - Day 2 - 2

On The Road Again

Day 2 cont..

After our mission completed the journey back to Drellins was a good one. The party was tired and ready for good rest. We reminisced about the fight with the hobgoblins and the rude farmer, Vaulk. I didn’t participate in the farmer bashing, he was having a tough time, but understood that ones who help the unfortunate sometimes don’t get the respect they deserve.

The closer we got to Drellins the more we spoke about the continuation of our party. Normally after a given task I would disband as needed and go about my own way. This group was different. There was a real camaraderie there. A good mix of talents. None of the group seemed ready to go their own paths just yet. Another adventure was just on the horizon, Vrath Keep. We spoke of the map we found in the giants cave, and everyone had the same conclusion. We would check it out together after we had food and rest.

The sun was falling fast, and the day closing to an end. We could see the lights of the town up ahead. But as we got closer we quieted. We could all feel it, something was wrong. Without a word we all seemed to keep quiet and kept our eyes peeled. We turned a bend that lead downwards and a long straight road, we discovered a small group of hobgoblins a good distance away. We dashed into the trees.

Observing the party noticed a few other groups of hobgoblins destroying and looting buildings off the road. Some seemed to be watching out for any road travelers, while the others took apart anything they could find.

No less than 3 groups were seen, with around ten to fifteen in each group. The three roads leading into the town gave us options. We discussed those options. Do we attack these raiders? Do we bypass the town, and leave the guard to deal with the attackers, continuing on to the keep? Do we sneak into the town and reevaluate once we get more information?

We all felt we should help, and Onji was decided to sneak into the town and find out more from the town guard. We would create a small diversion to help him out, but not engage the battle.

With the cover of twilight Onji chose his path and left our group. A short while later we decided to gain the attention of a group of goblinoids. The shadowed area we gained keeps us as close as we can without being seen. The group of hobgoblins seemed to be gathered around a disturbing looking house near the road.

We spotted Onji’s sneaking shape in the distance behind the building, and noticed a group of hobgoblins near his position. Our options were growing thin, the position we currently kept was not good, but not many plans seem to be perfect. The two war dogs would prove to be difficult. So we went for it, we were running out of time, Onji was counting on us.

A few of us whispered of the plan’s success. The sheer number of the goblins, the dogs at their command, and the slow speed of our group were leaving questions to the diversion. Daz was against the diversion all together and thought Onji could handle it. A sense of immediacy cried for action and I decided that we would just go for it. We all started for the road.

As with our last battle, this didn’t go as plan. We walked along the path ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. Before we even gain the attention of the group of hobgoblins, we were being stalked as well. A spear flew by my head, and I turned to see a hobgoblin dash behind a tree behind our position.

The hobgoblin screamed an alarm and the group near the old house rushed to attack. Too soon for our liking, we all ran back, to let Onji sneak through. The issue for us was getting away without a fight.

The scrawny war dogs got to us first. I stumble as a dog nips at my heel. The heat could be felt before I looked back. Fireballs for eye’s this dog was no regular canine. The dog blew fire at me and I dashed out of the way. Hell hounds, where did hobgoblins get hell hounds?

We ran, not far from to the safety of the trees, my small legs pumping with fury. The hobgoblins were not far behind. We hoped the tree line would help us in escape or even defend against our attackers. Next thing we see are arrows flying at us from the shady forest. All are hit with the barrage of arrows. We were surrounded.

Trying to shake off hell hounds as well as dodging arrows and spears, we see more attackers charge from out of the forest. The other goblins from the road also close to our position; they are everywhere. Oversoul breathes fire of his own on a hound and two charging hobgoblins. The goblins aren’t fond of the fire, but the hound doesn’t flinch, bathing in the flames.

We seem to be getting beat here, we need some help. Being attacked from all sides, with more goblins waiting near the old house in the distance. Already we have many wounds from the battle, and haven’t touched many of our enemies. The goblins in the distance seem to charge in the opposite direction. Onji! I thank him for that, if he meant it or not, and hope he will be okay.

The luck starts turning our way as we drop a few hobgoblins to even out the odds. Daz keeping distance from the mob fires his magic at the raiders, felling his share plus more. I am glad to have his powers on our side. Oversoul takes on a troublesome hell hound, as Solana travels the battlefield healing those in need. I kept the ranged goblinoids in check, taking hits with greater frequency.

Daz continues to amaze, killing a hound and another few goblins. The tide of the battle turned quickly in our favor. We only hope Onji has made the town gates.

The fight moves toward the road near the old house. Without warning a large group of hobgoblins pour out of the broken down doorway. A large commanding hobgoblin and shaman accompanies the warriors. Trouble again.

Feeling the rush of the battle Oversoul and myself charge into the group, hacking and slashing as we go. The goblinoids are easily dissuaded, but that shaman was a troublesome one. A bolt of green vitriol arcs through the air and hit me with great force. I stumble to the ground; all I can do is fight the pain.

The large hobgoblin commander makes his way through the crowd at Oversoul and Solana. The fury of that goblin would be difficult. His large axe taking on both of his targets.

As I try and shake off the pain of that blast, we have one bit of good news. Onji is running down the road asking if we need help. His lean muscular body flies into the mob and take down a few of the goblinoids from the back.

The large goblin turns his axe fully on Solana. The heavy hit keeps her clutching her arm, to keep the gash from being worse. Daz continued his mastery of killing hobgoblins and downs another few; Oversoul joins Daz in the killing spree. The last few hobgoblins fall and we concentrate our efforts on the raging commander and the hexer in the distance. The hexer runs defeated back into the dilapidated building. The rest of us are no match for the commander, and take his down without problems.

We decide to go after the goblins in the building, hopefully there aren’t too many left. We split into groups and circle the building. We searched the windows for a hint of what was inside. Seeing nothing through the milky white stained windows, we bust down the old door and gained the front room.

Inside the smell instantly hit our noses. The smell of hobgoblin stench. Seemed like the house was a staging area for quite some time. The wooden floors had a few bedrolls, straw piles, a used fire ring, and half eaten livestock. In a corner we found 5 human bodies in a pile, been dead half a day.

There were no rooms or stairs up or down. Where did our shaman go? Daz searched using his knowledge of magic, and noticed a disturbance in the corner. As Daz points, a green arcing shot strikes the unsuspecting warlock. The bloody hexer goblin appears, cursing us. The hobgoblin is killed without incident.

After the battle we searched the room in more detail. Daz and Onji searched the bodies, as Solana and I ask Avandra to care for the slain humans. Oversoul picks up a shining holy symbol from the hexer’s body, holding onto it for study later. Amongst the bodies, Daz and Onji came up with 355 total gp from the hobgoblins.

We ask what happened with Onji getting to the town. He told us he got to the gates and the hobgoblins chased him. He asked the guards on watch to let him into the town, but they wouldn’t let him in until the goblins were away from the gates. As the hobgoblins closed the guards decided to help Onji dispatch the stupid attackers. The guardsmen weren’t too much help; Onji took out most by himself. Afterwards asked the men to help his friends, but would not leave the gates.

I was glad we got through that mess. We headed straight to the gates, to finally get into Drellins Ferry.


its Onji with a J! thank you!

Shale Journal Entry - Day 2 - 2

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